I have been beyond impressed. Thanks to Dr. Mathews’ insight and care I have made big strides over the past few months. I am approaching things in life in a totally different and better way than before. If you are looking for someone who will treat you as a person and not as a project he is definitely worth visiting. Highly recommend!
James Simmons
I have been a patient of Dr. Matthews for a short period of time now and the progress that we have achieved has surpassed my expectations. I am proud of myself to take the initiative to see him and I sincerely recommend his professional approach on matters of self betterment.
Exceptional! I always look forward to my next visit with Dr. Mathews. He is genuinely interested in helping me achieve my goals, and I appreciate the active listening and insight he brings to every session. 5 months ago, I imagined at first that visiting a psychiatrist would make me feel “weak” or that I “didn’t need it,” but seeing Dr. Mathews about once a month has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I can’t thank the staff enough for being so kind and professional.
Maxwell Steward
Dr. Mathews is simply the best psychiatrist I’ve ever experienced. He is truly dedicated to the well being of his patients. His empathy, care and concern is evident in everything he does. Dr. Mathews has my highest recommendation and praise. I have made so much progress under his care. I feel like he has given me the tools to finally start living my life again. I am eternally indebted to Dr. Mathews for everything he has done for me. If you are on the fence about whether you need psychiatric care, or just looking for a new psychiatrist, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Mathews as soon as possible. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.
Robert Goodacre
There are plenty of psychiatrists in the Austin area, but few compare to Dr. Mathews. He’s knowledgeable with pharmaceuticals and skilled with talk therapy; but more importantly, he encourages you to reach beyond your troubles and become the best person you can be. If you’re struggling with a less-than-optimal career or relationship situation, or a troubled past, Dr. Mathews can help empower you to make changes and set goals toward a brighter future. When we conclude a session, I’’m always armed with new ideas and resources to tackle the challenges ahead. You walk a little taller when Dr. Mathews has your back. Highly recommend!
Leslie Hunt
So far in my dealing with Dr. Mathews, my results have been remarkable. His calm demeanor and innate ability in directing you to a solution, aides in your own recovery. I firmly believe, that the key to Dr. Mathews success, is his ability and willingness to listen. This gives you, the patient, the satisfied feeling that you are directly involved in your own treatment and recovery. And lastly, not only, is Dr. Mathews a superior physician, and for my money, he is an extraordinary human being.
In short, I would most assuredly recommend Dr. Mathews to anyone.
Rich Squilla
I’ve moved to Austin in Sept. 2016 and I must say that I have never experienced a more professional doctor than Dr. Matthews. My doctor that I was seeing in my home state was a truly money hungry doctor that did not care about seeing his patients get better nor did he try to offer any suggestions or ideas on helping to improve their diagnosis. My spots only lasted for 10 mins. literally.

Dr. Matthews truly dedicates 45 mins. per session to each client. He has helped me tremendously. My best advice is to try him for yourself.
Sebrina Hinds
I’ve seen a couple of other doctors before but always felt there was no real care or concern in their work with me. After a third disappointing experience, at which point I was still struggling with mild depression and apathy, I stumbled across Dr.Matthews. From the first consultation I felt more at home and comfortable than i had with any other doctor. He was thorough and sought to understand my goals, not just put a band-aid on things. In only a couple of months I’ve had tremendous results, and couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend Dr.Mathews.
I recently met with Dr. Mathews as a new patient, so I thought I’d share my experience. A friend of mine in the area actually recommended him since she also is a patient and was happy seeing him. I also chose Dr. Mathews vs. some other psychiatrists in the area both because he actually takes some insurance (Blue Cross PPO) and because of his background experience (Hopkins + holding director level positions). Many of the other psychiatrists I called either didn’t take any insurance or the waits were often >1mo. I was pleasantly surprised when I called and his receptionist was able to get me in the same week. She was very friendly and sent me information for the visit via email, which included directions since the office can be tricky to find. One of the reviewers mentioned a preauthorization on a credit card, but that never happened to me and was never asked of me, so maybe there was some miscommunication.

My meeting with Dr. Mathews was great. It’s always nerve-racking changing doctors and I really feel like Dr. Mathews didn’t rush me during our consultation and he took the time to answer my questions and explain his thinking for making his recommendations. He admits that he is conservative with meds, which is also my preference and I like that he also provides psychotherapy during his follow-up visits. I hate the docs, where you end up waiting ten minutes only to get ten minutes. My only negative thing to say is I wish his office was closer to Austin where I live, but Round Rock isn’t too far I guess and it’s right off I-35. Overall, I would highly recommend him and will post again if things change!
Eileen Waterson